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Thank You Selah School Board!

January is School Board Appreciation Month

It’s time to thank a school board member!

Nationwide and throughout Washington state, school districts are currently celebrating School Board Recognition Month. With a proclamation from Governor, Jay Inslee, the Selah School District has joined other District’s throughout Washington to salute board members from Washington’s 295 school districts and nine elected educational service district boards and thank them for their service.  Collectively, Washington’s school directors serve approximately 1.1 million students.

School Board members play a crucial role in developing policies and making tough decisions on educational and social issues, which affect the entire state.  Board members are also directly accountable to the patrons in their districts, serving as a vital link between members of the community and their schools.  Additionally, Board members set priorities for the district, establish standards for what students should learn, adopt policies and budgets, and work as a team with administrators, teachers, parents, students and the community to foster a safe and productive learning environment.

In Selah, School Board members set policies focused on the District’s core purpose of ensuing high levels of learning for all students.  Selah School Board members are:  Jeff Hartwick, President; Jamie Morford, Vice President; Kelliann Ergeson, Legislative Representative; Sarah Michael, Board Member; and Dan Peters, Board Member.  The Selah School Board serves approximately 3,600 students, over 400 employees, and oversees an approximate $50 million budget.

“I want to recognize our Selah School Board members for their committed service to our students, staff, and schools,” said Superintendent, Shane Backlund.  “Our school board provides visionary leadership and governance and is committed to the beliefs of Selah’s educational system which is centered around strong Character, being Capable, and College and Career readiness.  Board members provide leadership and make decisions essential to our core purpose of providing quality educational programs and ensuring high levels of learning for all students.”

Thank you Selah School Board members!  You are appreciated!

Jeff Hartwick Jamie Morford Kelliann Ergeson Sarah Michael Dan Peters