Classes and Resources

  • HomeLink Classes:

    Students are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of on-site classes and workshops which support and supplement the parent's teaching. Classes are considered enrichment opportunities and are not graded.

    Input for classes is always gathered so if you have any ideas for future on-site classes, please let us know

    2019-20 Calendar 

    HomeLink Resources:

    All Selah HomeLink students have access to books available in the Selah School District libraries. Families may visit individual schools to check out books or may contact the Selah HomeLink teacher who will locate the book and check it out to the family.   How do we access the Selah Libraries?

    To search the Selah Libraries follow the link above.  In the upper right-hand corner, click on the login.   Login:  sdewet      Password:8077
    Use the Library search feature on the left-hand side.  Make sure the first drop down menu says, "Selah School District Libraries."  Enter your titles or keywords and it will search all the schools' libraries for you.  Make sure you write down the call number and the library where your book is located.

    Field Trips
    Field trip opportunities are provided throughout the school year for families to take advantage of for educational purposes.

    Parent Curriculum Request Form (pdf)          Parent Curriculum Request Form (Word)

    Parent Library Request Form (pdf)         Parent Library Request Form (Word)

    In addition to the required state and district assessments, families have access to a variety of other assessment tools.

    Parents may check out a variety of tools and materials from the HomeLink library. Materials for science experiments, manipulatives for math, computer programs, art materials and games for various subjects are some of the items available for checkout.