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    Welcome to Selah HomeLink! Selah HomeLink is an educational program designed to enrich the learning of children whose parents are their primary educators. Our goal is to support families who are homeschooling by providing resources, materials, on-site classes and by fostering a sense of community. We will work with each family and student on an individual basis to maximize the resources available to them at Selah HomeLink.

    Selah HomeLink is part of the Selah School District and is subject to the rules governing Alternative Learning Experiences in the state of Washington (WAC 392-121-182). As part of the Selah School District, there are no costs to participate.

     Our program is set up around the needs and wants of our families. We do not want you to fit into our program; we want our program to fit you. We value your input and encourage you to ask questions and to be involved.

    Where Is Selah HomeLink?

    Selah HomeLink is located at 308 W. Naches Ave. on the west edge of the campus housing Robert Lince Early Learning Center and Selah Academy. Check in at the Selah Academy Office, located at the end of the SSD Admin Office parking lot (near the Lince Gym).

    What hours are the HomeLink Teachers Available?

     Ryanne: Monday/Tuesday 7:45am-3:15pm &Thursdays 8:30-12
    Stacey: Monday/Tuesday 8:45-4:15 pm & Wednesdays 8:45-12:15 

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  • Stacey de Wet
    Homelink Facilitator K-8
    T. 509-698-8077
    F. 509-698-8061
    Stacy de Wet

    Ryanne Mills
    HomeLink Facilitator K-8
    T. 509-698-8077
    F. 509-698-8061
    Ryanne Mills